We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 10 people so everyone can get the individual attention and feedback they need. 


Kids Foundation Class

The Program is designed for 7 - 12 year olds and is aimed at Developing Balance, Co-ordination, Endurance, Tempo Running, Motor Learning and Spatial Awareness.

This is achieved by the use of Running Drills, Hill Running and Endurance Training, Obstacle Races, Balance Games and Jumping Activities.

We also incorporate Fun Games that involve Kicking, Throwing, Weaving and Running Fast!

Mon, Tues , Wed and Thurs

4:30 - 6 pm

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Junior Development Squad

Power2ADAPT's Development Squad is designed for older or more experienced athletes, that have "graduated" from our Foundation Program. The program is aimed at athletes who want to further refine their technique and are looking to improve their results for inter-school or Little Athletics competition and further training.

Training sessions are allocated as endurance, hurdles or speed, with skill and conditioning elements included. It is recommended that squad members train twice per week, as long as their other sport/s have no more than 2 training days per week, including competition days.

Mon 6 - 7pm, Thurs 6 - 7pm

Sun 9 - 11:30am (by appointment)

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Recreational Running

For people that are looking to extend themselves by running in a group or improve their fitness. Recreational run groups cater for a range of ability and experience levels, as well as a variety of goals, with all training tailored to your individual needs. Ideal for runners that are looking to participate in a fun run or triathlon event, from 5km to marathon, or those just wanting to train regularly with friends and improve fitness. We use many different training venues and circuits to provide variety and enjoyment.

Thurs 6pm,

Sat and Sun: 7am onwards

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Speed & Endurance Improvement for Sports

Speed Improvement for AFL, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Basketball, Netball. Speed, Power, Agility and Endurance improvement through structured programs specific to your sport.

Sundays 9am -12pm

By appointment only

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