Term 1 2018 is underway!

Over the Christmas break, we reviewed the programs on offer and our athlete needs and wants. Part of the discussion involved Fast Tracked Performance and their head coach - Shaun Penny. We realized that both of us were doing similar things, but also had our niche' areas. As such we came to an agreement of an "Athlete First" approach and decided to share our services between athletes. We have seen other coaches try to coach all aspects of athletic events and  I believe this is difficult to maintain a high standard. We all have our area of strength and interest. Shaun and I are of the same opinion, that coaches can communicate and develop an athlete together and the quality of the sessions and program is maintained at a higher level, for longer. With youth athletes, this can be difficult, as they prefer to work with "their coach" and I found most of my athletes and parents wanted to maintain the status quo. A compromise was needed, so we came up with the idea of "guest sessions". So when a distance or cross country specific session is needed, FTP have the stronger group and program at the moment and an athlete can do a "guest session" or training block. For sprints and hurdles Power2ADAPT runs Hurdle workshops and block start practice sessions. 

It is vital to constantly review your coaching and programming  effectiveness, listen to the voice of the customer (athlete and parent) and continue learn and evolve and above all. have fun and effective training sessions.

Happy Training - Coach Al


Alistair Tait