Hurdle Workshops

Our Hurdle workshops have been going well and at the start of January we offered 2 weeks of Hurdles only sessions. The idea was to give Little athletes a block of training to build confidence over the hurdles and start to develop the movement patterns needed. These sessions were a great success, with most athletes achieving personal best results in the Multi event competition.

One of my philosophies is the set a "challenge point" for each athlete. For my stronger and taller athletes, this means hurdling at a higher height or having a sprinter race along side them. I find this especially beneficial for developing the trail leg position, as the higher hurdle tend to force the trail leg into a better right angle position. Another technique i use is to use cones to form a box. The athlete uses the "box" for 2 purposes, the lead leg must touch down inside the box, the trail leg must pull trough an land outside the box. These visual cues work really well for the youth athlete. It is also great as a visual aid, when taking video footage,as it allows the athlete to get a picture of what is happening.

Happy training - Coach Al

Alistair Tait