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Our Mission


Athletic Development, Agility and Posture Training for All Ages.

Our mission is to demonstrate to the community that athletics is a safe and fun sport that can provide a solid foundation of fitness for all sports. Most people participated in athletics as children, we aim to keep them interested in the sport and keep them fit for life. We will introduce programs that facilitate effective motor learning in children to provide foundation skills for all sports. We will provide foundation programs for adults that address posture and stress related problems and progress to increasing fitness, vitality and health.



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We at Power2ADAPT welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today


School Term Bookings

$15 — Per class for a 10 week term
Multiple sibling discount available


Drop-in Classes

$20 — Single Class
$30 — Function Movement Assessment
$40 — Personal Training

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Overriding Philosophy

Athletics is considered an individual sport, yet it takes a team to unlock an athlete’s full potential. A holistic, patient and united approach is essential.

Youth athletes

Coaching children is challenging, as different approaches are needed. Training sessions should be fun to encourage learning outcomes. A long term development model is best used.

 Senior athletes

Goal driven programs and different forms of feedback are required.

Training needs to be challenging and rewarding enough to keep athletes motivated and meet their expectations.

- Alistair Tait




Our coaches are University degree qualified and Athletics Australia certified, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, sports pyschology and nutrition. They understand that no two athletes are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

Alistair Tait

Alistair Tait


  • Studying a Bachelor of Sport Coaching/PE degree at Victoria University

  • Specializing in Speed & Endurance improvement

  • Core Stability, Agility and Balance Training.

  • Level 3 Athletics Australia Coach for Sprints and Hurdles

  • Strength & Conditioning for all sports.


Susie Power-Reeves

Susie Power-Reeves


  • Specializing in running efficiency and endurance race preparation.

  • Tailored preparation for school cross country and athletics events.

  • Level 3 Athletics Australia Coach for Middle Distance & Long Distance

  • Cross Country and Recreational Running.